The viaduct

February 2013

quick sketch of a dream when I wake up :

  • 2 characters sitting in front of a fireplace and near, a painting,
  • above, an airway with a troley derailing, falling and dragging a man into his fall
  • a table set.

I name the picture: « viaduct »

A little later in the morning, are added a small house on the left, Satie’s house (I always associate Erik Satie with my father who composed with his harmonies), a garden, books and a French window on the right, a scale falling from the airway and an indefinite shape above the left character which has largely relaxed since the first sketch.

I name the picture: « legacy« 

charcoal installation on the canvas

  • no horizon
  • 2 trees with marked shadows 
  • a man who falls copied to  Cranach « Hercule et Antée »
  • soft shape between the head on the left and the small house.

Then I delete the table but keep its direction by transforming its side into steps of stairs.

I want a slightly red sky like an African sky loaded with red ocher, I choose dark cobalt blue and vermilion red; for the waterfall, turquoise and light ultramarine. Satie’s house becomes Magritte’s house. The indefinite shape has disappeared. 

The wrench is used to unbolt chairs bolted in the void, I want to put it on the floor of the virtual room and give it great importance, for this I decide to place it at 0.618 from the height and 0.618 from the width (golden number, perfect, symbolic, remarkable proportion) and in oblique symmetry of Antée’s hand showing the key.

un personnage à deux moments différents regarde un homme tomber ou voler suivant l'orientation du tableau
viaduc – oil on canvas

Unfortunately by putting the key at this location (61.8cm and 40.2cm) it falls into the void and this changes the meaning of the picture.
Two solutions are then possible to not lose the key:
– the first one is to change the direction of the painting and present it vertically so in this case the key is placed on the steps viaduc vertical-1208
It is so that the painting retains a meaning in this vertical sense that I turned the copy of René Magritte’s painting and the little black house. Thinking of René Magritte, I see the locomotive coming out of a chimney and I think of the viaduct very close to my room when I was a child; I was very afraid, on summer nights, when the window was open, that the steam locomotives which made an demented noise, would derail and fall into my room.

– the second solution is to draw a second key.
Both solutions are compatible.

A little later, the second key drawn on the ground disappears under the white paint.

Why is this viaduct in translucent matter and who is this man who falls?

I’m obsessed with this key, I need to relax!


A month later, I give up the locomotive in the chimney, the ladder and the falling troley.

I rename the painting by favoring the vertical sense: « asymptote » (towards infinity)


Still in the vertical direction, I want a second key on the floor of the room, visible with a magnifying glass.
In this direction; Antée flies, floats as in weightlessness,
in the horizontal orientation, Antée falls.

The key becomes an wrench……….I am relaxed!!!


The 2 seated characters have no ears, they are tied on chairs bolted in the void so as not to fall when the painting is placed vertically.
The character with the false eyelashes has his hands upside down.
The most « real » character shows the wrench that symbolizes manual work, the manufacture of objects, construction, dismantling and… debolting.


by scanning the sketches I realize that the chimneys are very scary and I think of Santa Claus who must arrive there!!!

The road in the sky is a mixture of Milky Way and viaduct. The two fir trees are a clue to find Christmas.

At the beginning of this page, in the second sketch, it is a gardener who falls because in « real life » this gardener has just broken the window of my car by brushcutting and does not want to participatein the expense! The character on the left is delighted to see him fall.


Something tells me Santa is hiding someone else…

Boucher, the man who did work at home during the steam locomotive era? The character we find in orange and green dress in « le arm of the mother ».

I’m pretty sure this man is the falling man…

or maybe José, a friend who died on a demolition site (see the painting « ellipse »).

The 2 sitting and passive characters are the same person at two different moments.


I have fun painting the buttocks of Antée (son of Gaïa, for the anecdote).

I decide to give up finishing this painting.

June 2013

I dream of a gorilla claustra.

In july 2013

I start the gorilla claustra in the form of a diptych that I call « the cell »