The jonction


Nineteen months have passed, I will soon finish this table in the vertical direction, by placing the visible key (with a magnifying glass) in the turquoise blue puddle which flows from the Magritte painting between the 2 exponential curves.

viaduc vertical-1208And, I will accentuate the shadows of the 2 fir trees and round them to give the illusion of a curved space when the painting is in the horizontal direction.


Today, looking at the sketch I had drawn to find out where to put the key, I see the 2 exponential curves as a crotch and a keyhole! It amuses me a lot, because this sketch is more than two years old and I have always seen nothing but fire. I think the crotch and the keyhole refer me to a subject that I have already dealt with in my little book: « the key ». I also see a small character behind a double curtain that opens or closes. I choose « opens ». In my « viaduc » painting, the double curtain is open and green, but the French window and the exterior are out of frame, off painting, out of reach. Nothing impossible in painting, I can stick a canvas next to this French window and paint it to see the outside.

Great idea!

I am in a great hurry to make this painting: « behind the window ».
But let’s go back to concrete things : if I put a key at the place indicated by my sketch on the floor of the room, in vertical mode, it will fall, unless I bolt it in the virtual ground. I abandon the idea of a key in this painting.


I place « the cell », against the « viaduc » and…
What a joy to see that the two windows coincide exactly!

So this painting is behind the French window!
And so it was for this reason that I decided to paint the key the same turquoise blue as the water flowing from the Magritte painting!

It’s crazy!!!


.I paint a band of medium cadium yellow Leroux on the window of the caustra of monkeys in order to accentuate the link between the paintings.
I link the three paintings using piano hinges.


I tweak and revel in advance of the new senses that will arise from this new triptych because when it is closed, Anteus’ hand touches the hand of the monkey with the navel.