Cliff with seagulls


Where do I put the skyline?


Do I include the frame in the painting as in « the simplets » of 1978?croquis préparatoire avec indication de couleur
Do I exceed on the frame? it will be dirty, I remember the instructions for coloring: « do not exceed ».
Today, I like Rembrandt’s Talens clear green, I add a hint of yellow medium cadium Fragonnard as for the chair and the double curtain of « viaduct« .
I’m looking for a double meaning.
I’m looking with photoshop.


Two friends in front of the disused asbestos factory of Nonza in Cap Corse.
2 amis devant l'usine désaffectée de Nonza en Corse


succession de montages pour réfléchier

The sea like a skin, calm and vibrant.

New title for the painting: « Nonza factory« . 

Draw closer to the « champs of wheat with crows » 1890 Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890).
portrait de Van Gogh

le champ de blé aux corbeaux dans le sens vertical
New title: « Cliff with seagulls« .

I look for the complementary color of the light green Talens, I make it with deep pink Talens with titanium white.I paint the pink and wait a few weeks for the drying.


I decide to give up finishing « viaduct ».

New meanings and new titles: « liner in the storm » et « UFO fall in the Pacific Ocean« .


I paint four seagulls.

New meaning and new title: « there is no smoke without fire »

end of August 2013 

I think this painting represents my daughter’s departure. And two seagulls fluttering along the cliff… her parents?

une falaise, la mer, une route, une voiture et 2 mouettes

The painting is positioned obliquely. The skyline is stronger than the frame.